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perfect two foot wave rolling in towards the shore waiting for a surfer to ride it

Welcome to Share the Stoke

Charleston's Premiere Surf Company that focuses on quality and convenience so you can get your stoke on! We are committed to providing safe, knowledgeable surf lessons and offer a variety of surfboard rentals .  

Surf Instruction


At Share the Stoke we excel in private surf lessons. The session starts with a detailed beach lesson where we go over the most critical parts in surfing and how to stay safe in the ocean. The students will practice their pop-ups on land until they feel comfortable to move on. There is plenty of time for any questions to be answered before getting in the water. While in the water, the instructor will be right by the students side giving them feedback after every wave and cheering them on.

young boy just hopped of his surfboard after riding a long wave on isle of palms beach south carolina
three women on Isle of palms beach in south carolina surfing

A one on one lesson will offer the most attention and coaching from the instructor as they have all eyes on you. A lesson for two is a great way to learn something new with a sibling, significant other, or best friend and still offers thorough surf instruction. Group surf lessons are for parties of three or more people. These lessons are perfect for families or friends that have a common interest in the sport. Since the instructor will have more students to juggle it can be expected to catch fewer waves per student but the added experience of watching others ride waves. We have a 4;1 student - instructor ratio. If your reservation is greater than four people you can expect another instructor to be there. 

Our Inventory

liam becker is holding the 7 foot foam top surfboard this board is great for young kids or adults with a little more surf experience

Shortboard Foam Tops

Shortboard surfboards are typically under 7 feet. The best time to rent a shortboard is when the waves are bigger and when you are ready to take your surfing to the next level. Since these boards are less buoyant and overall smaller than longboards it requires more paddles to get into waves. In addition, these boards have less surface area for standing so pop ups can be a bit trickier than on a longboard. We have 7 footers, 6'4s", and 5'8s" to choose from.

Longboard Foam Top

 Typically boards that are 8 foot and taller are longboards. These boards are perfect for Charleston waves. There are waves year-round here, but on average the waves are a little smaller, or what surfers consider "longboard waves." Longboards are the go-to boards in Charleston. Since they are wider and longer they have more buoyancy in the water making it easier to paddle and catch waves compared to a shortboard. We have 8 footers and 9 footers to choose from.

liam is holding the 9 foot foam top surfboard this is the best surfboard to learn how to surf or just to catch any  wave on a small day in the ocean

Meet the Team

Our Story

Hello friends! My name is Monica Becerra and I am the founder of Share the Stoke. I have been a part of the Charleston surf community since I was 16 years old. At age 19 I scored my dream job teaching surf lessons on Folly Beach. During my time as a surf instructor, I developed a passion for working with people and fell in love with the idea of sharing and spreading the sport of surfing with those who have yet to come across it. After two years of teaching surf lessons, it became apparent that there was a need for surfboard rentals. At age 24, with support from my friends and family, I took off with my entrepreneurial side and began to create Share the Stoke. The name of the business derived from my passion of surfing with friends and strangers and sharing that excitement every time someone catches a wave.! Share the Stoke offers surfboard rentals to all of the Charleston area and surf lessons on Isle of Palms. 

monica becerra in costa rica - her first time surfing out of the country
monica becerra surfing nicaragua - glassy beautiful fun waves to surf

Why Rent from STS?

As a certified ocean-lifeguard and surf instructor in Charleston for over 5 years, I have the knowledge and expertise to help direct you to what surfboard is right for your skill level and goals. I have traveled to many places around the world to surf; some include: Nicaragua, Indonesia, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico. I know how important it is to travel to a destination with waves and have piece of mind that there are surfboards available to rent. Share the Stoke is Charleston's premier surfboard rental company, as we serve all of the Charleston Beaches. We carry boards for all levels of surfing whether you've never done it before or you have been all around the world surfing. STS works with every ones different schedules and we offer delivery making it possible to always get a surf session in!  If you are visiting Charleston, we are here to provide you with recommendations of where to score the best waves in the area and a surfboard to ride them. I am also happy to refresh beginners on the key components of surfing and safety in the Ocean.

clean good size waves on folly beach kind of day. highschool surfers

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