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Firewire 5'5" Baked Potato

Firewire 5'5" Baked Potato

If you’re looking for a tiny wave groveler to get you in the water and having fun on the tiniest, weakest of days, look no further! In addition, the Carbo Hydro has a pretty sharp paired down rail at the tail giving the board a surprising amount of bite and decent hold in steeper conditions. But you will need to drive the board from the back foot to get through the flats and mushier sections of the wave. The bottom contours have been updated with a single concave under the front foot that then transitions into some serious double-barrel concaves out through the fins. We ask that you have decent surf experience before renting this board as it is not a beginner surfboard.


Brand: Firewire

Model: Timbertek Hydro Carbo

Material: Made from one of the fastest-growing trees in the world, Paulownia, Timbertek technology is one of the lowest CO2-emitting constructions available - making it your most sustainable surfboard constructions in production today. Lightweight EPS core.

Dimensions: length- 5'5" width- 21" thickness- 2 1/2" volume- 33.3 liters

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