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Lost 5'10" Puddle Jumper

Lost 5'10" Puddle Jumper

Enhance your small wave experience with the Lost 5'10" Puddle Jumper, available at Share the Stoke Surf. Designed to maximize small wave fun potential, this board looks like an egg with its fattest edges shaved off. Expert shaper Matt Biolos has ingeniously integrated high performance characteristics into this foam nugget, including a concave bottom for added lift and increased rail curve, which allows for radical top to bottom surfing. This shortboard is a good choice for a full grown adult as it has a lot of volume making it more floaty. We ask that you have decent surf experience before renting this board as it is not a beginner surfboard.


Dimensions: 5'10" tall  X  21" wide  X  2.56" thick  X  36 liters

Brand: Lost Mayhem

Model: Puddle Jumper

Material: ECO ISO Build - The foam core is Nitrogenecell and is made of 25%-50% recycled material. The surface skin is Hexzylon Fiberfoam. (ding repair with epoxy)


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